Natural Gas - Bargain Hunting

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September natural gas futures are lower by 13.1% in the last 3 weeks and lower by 15.9% from their highs made on 5/1. As it stands, futures are just under their 61.8% Fibonacci level (lower white jagged line), and attempting to trade back above the 8-day MA (orange line). Stochastics indicate an oversold market and though timing a reversal can be difficult, aggressive traders can probe bullish trade, in my opinion.

Clients are gaining bullish exposure via September futures and selling out of the money calls 1:1 in case prices work lower before we see a rebound. My suggestion is to collect 15-20 cents on your hedge, which presently would dictate you're selling $3.80/3.90 strikes in September. The delta is approximately 50%, which means you have a slight cushion and will make on the upside (if my assessment is correct) a nickel for every dime advance net/net. A return to the 38.2% Fib level lifts this contract to $4.07, or 28 cents from current trade... that is my objective in the coming weeks.

So why natural gas, and why now?

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1.) The idea is to buy low and sell high and after the correction in the past 60 days, we are getting long near four-month lows.

2.) Natural gas appears to be the bastard child in the energy complex of late as traders are focusing on Crude oil and the products. Being a contrarian, I want to buy when a commodity is not in the spotlight -- identifying out of favor commodities is my MO.

3.) Supply/demand: Based on the most recent EIA natural gas storage report, inventories are 2.4% below their 5-year average.

4.) The price consolidation in recent sessions has been on increased volume/buying interest, which leads me to conclude that on confirmation of an interim low, we could experience short covering just above current trade.

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