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Editor's notes: Looking beyond current cash burn, sector expert Stephen Simpson thinks PACB's genome-sequencing technology has 30% annual revenue growth potential. 38% discount to fair value.

I live in NASCAR country and it's not that rare to hear the expression "going checkers or wreckers" - meaning throwing caution to the wind and going all-out, with the idea that you either win or end up in a smoking heap.

That notion would seem to apply to Pacific Biosciences (PACB) today, as this once-promising innovator in single-molecule sequencing has been battered by concerns about the accuracy and value of its systems. With intriguing accuracy-improvement technology and techniques now available, though, PacBio may have its last best chance to achieve the success that many once thought was near-certain. If PacBio can recover its reputation and drive system and consumables sales, this stock could be undervalued by...

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