Daily Wisdom: Brazilian ADRs Edition

Jul.28.09 | About: iShares MSCI (EWZ)

From today on under my "Daily Wisdom" heading, I shall post links based on a particular theme. Today's theme is ADRs of Brazil and also the Brazilian economy. The idea here is to offer investors information on a specific theme from around the web in a single location.

  • Best Economy in the Americas – Brazil. Wall Street tends to take a very myopic view of the world – the view that the entire financial universe revolves around them and the United States. And that what goes on in other countries is unimportant.
  • List of all Brazil ADR stocks. A list of Brazilian ADRs listed in the US.
  • Despite a recent drop in profits amid the country's economic slowdown, Brazilian banks are poised for long-term growth. Features: Profiting From Prudence
  • Emerging Markets Investment - Brazil the Next China Like Miracle. Just a few years ago, suppose you had known that China, a backward, deeply impoverished communist country, would quickly transform itself into the fastest-growing capitalist economy on the planet. And suppose you had invested $10,000 in the leading Chinese companies.
  • BRAZIL BOVESPA STOCK IDX SNAPSHOT from Bloomberg. Offers up-to the minute data on Bovespa.
  • Brazil’s government has taken a number of steps to jump-start growth in its economy and ETF. This now includes slashing interest rates back to a record low. Brazil ETF: 5 Signs of a Rebound
  • Brazilian stocks were pummeled in October’s global market rout. But Martin Hutchinson says this has created a great opportunity for investors. South America’s largest economy still has a robust growth outlook and moderate inflation. These six “bargain basement” stocks are now well worth a look. The Six Best Brazilian Stocks On The NYSE

P.S.: Occasionally a few of the links may point to older articles.