The Case-Shiller Home Price Charts Everyone Is Talking About

Includes: ITB, IYR, REZ, XHB
by: Bespoke Investment Group

The S&P/Case-Shiller home price indices made news today because of their strength, so below we take a look at the monthly and annual growth of the 20 cities tracked.

As shown below, 19 of 20 cities saw month-over-month growth, while all 20 cities were up year over year. Keep in mind, however, that the results have a two-month lag, so these figures are from April. San Francisco saw the biggest month-over-month jump at 4.86%, which is a huge move for home prices. Atlanta, San Diego, and Los Angeles were all up over 3% on the month. Detroit was the only city that fell in April, but it was just 0.2%. On an annual basis, four cities were up more than 20% -- San Francisco, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. New York has the weakest year-over-year growth at just 3.24%.

The composite 10-city and 20-city indices saw significant growth. The month-over-month move for the 20-city composite index saw its biggest jump on record, and its year-over-year growth was the highest seen in seven years.

Below are year-over-year percentage change charts for the twenty cities and the two composite indices. Four cities saw their biggest year-over-year change in the data's history (going back to 1990) -- Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Dallas. Chicago and Charlotte were close to all-time highs but didn't quite get there. The real estate market has remained hot over the past couple of months, so expect even more strength in the Case-Shiller numbers in the months ahead when the May and June figures come out.