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Editor's notes: BRCM's dip resulted from shorts playing disappointing Samsung Galaxy S4 sales, but increased dollar content due to 5G WiFi could lead to 20% upside over the next 6 months.

Broadcom's (BRCM) short interest shot up 145% in the last reading (June 14th); no, that is not a typo. BRCM has become the hedge fund short du jour as a liquid, large cap name to play the Samsung S4 weakness. Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) is an important customer for BRCM, representing nearly 20% of revenue. Unfortunately, for shorts, the S4 is only 5% of revenue for the upcoming quarter, and shorts are overlooking increased S4 dollar content. Additionally overlooked is BRCM's strong positioning in low to mid range phones for Samsung and increasing content. BRCM is finally seeing signs of improved networking trends and an LTE handset win would rip the shares higher. Sporting a 10% FCF...

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