Cramer's Mad Money - Declare Independence from China with Potash (7/29/09)

Includes: AEM, AGU, CAG, MOS, POT
by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Wednesday July 29.

Potash (NYSE:POT), Agrium (NYSE:AGU), Mosaic (NYSE:MOS)

China is the "prism through which you have to look at this entire market," said Cramer, so it is because of the whims of the Chinese that commodities have taken a hit. Fertilizer is one area that is relatively immune to Chinese influence, and Cramer's pick in the space is Potash, which is down $1.28 in spite of its strong quarter. While orders for potash fell 40% in the past year, Cramer thinks they will increase once again as the economy is on firmer ground and as farmers see they can't cut back on necessities like fertilizer for very long. Unlike Agrium and Mosaic, Potash is a "one-stop shop" for fertilizer and produces potash, phosphates and nitrogen. Cramer also likes Potash's cash flow and net income. He says Potash is one way to declare independence from China. He sees Potash going lower and would buy in stages on the way down.

The Brightest Gold: Agnico Eagle Mines (NYSE:AEM)

It's never a question whether to own gold, but how to own gold, said Cramer, and currently AEM is his favorite way to play the yellow metal. Gold tends to perform better the latter half of the year, so investors can expect short-term gains. While the metal has tended to outperform the stock, Agnico Eagle Mines is fast becoming an exception to the rule. The company has expanded production, beefed up its dividend and has seen a 17% increase in its stock price. Sean Boyd urged viewers not to pay too much attention to earnings reports, but to look at the company's production increases and output. Boyd added that Agnico will continue to produce gold at a mere $320 an ounce, lower than the industry average. Since the company doesn't hedge or sell forward, it will continue to benefit from the rising price of gold. With economic uncertainty and declining value of global currency, Cramer is bullish on gold, especially Agnico Eagle.

ConAgra Foods (NYSE:CAG) CEO Gary Rodkin

ConAgra, which produces America's best-known brands, is benefiting from lower commodity costs, and lower advertising fees mean that it can promote its products for less. Former CEO of Pepsico's North American division, Gary Rodkin is confident he can use the expertise he gained from rebuilding damaged brands to helping ConAgra grow. Rodkin said the selloff of ConAgra's commodity futures trading operations will allow him to concentrate on the company's winning brands.


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