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While I have been keeping a running list of CDNs for some time, back in January I had to add a section to the list just for all of the carriers and telcos who have started offering CDN services in the market. With the sudden surge of non pure-play CDNs now offering CDN services on top of their core business offerings, the list of non pure-play CDNs only continues to grow.

Here's an updated list of CDNs in the market, broken down between pure-play CDNs versus non pure-play vendors like carriers and telcos. (To make the list easier to find on my blog, all you have to do is go to for the latest update)

Non Pure-Play CDNs

Pure-Play CDNs

Before anyone starts saying it's not fair to put all these folks on a list, please read my disclaimer in my last CDN post which explains many of the differences between the CDN vendors in the market.

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Source: Updated List of Stand Alone CDNs / Telcos Offering CDN Services