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Editor's notes: DM has been beaten down for years, but short-term headwinds obscure a big opportunity for investors. 85% upside before accounting for a possible turnaround in the company's NDeX segment.

The Dolan Company (DM) is a prime example of a beaten-up stock with overlooked growth potential and superb cash generation. Sentiment is low after losing nearly 80% of its market value over the past year; however, I believe there is room for substantial price appreciation in the near future for those who can wait out the storm.

For the past several quarters, the message felt like it would never change. Excerpts from recent earnings transcripts read like this:

"Quarterly revenues were down 9% while adjusted EBITDA was down almost 44%. Our first quarter results were mixed."

"For the fourth quarter, our results were mixed."

"Quarterly revenues were down 3% while adjusted EBITDA was down almost 23%. Our third

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