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( followers) (ticker: TSCM) CEO Tom Clarke was asked whether his company has benefitted from the popularity of Jim Cramer's TV show, Mad Money. Excerpts from his answer:

… Jim has had tremendous success with the show… and we are starting to see a benefit… There is no tie economically. But what happens is… we are starting to see people that want to find out what Jim is writing about… what he is talking about, what's owned in his charitable trusts… So we are seeing a tremendous amount of interest coming from that... People are… inquiring about how to access more of the content that Jim writes about, which is on Real Money. So we had a very strong June in subscriptions and… if you look at our orders that were booked, we are seeing the same trend in July… as the show grows in popularity and our relationship with CNBC continues to be worked on I think there is a great opportunity for us. And again, it is marketing lead generation for us with no cost on our side.

… I can't quantify the number, but our gut feeling is the show is a successful funnel of not only people who become readers of our free site of which is an advertising supported vehicle, but also then they move on to a subscription product

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)

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Source: discusses the "Mad Money Cramer Effect" (TSCM 2Q05 conf call quotes)