Bull Of The Day: Smith & Wesson

Jul. 1.13 | About: Smith & (SWHC)

Smith & Wesson (NASDAQ:SWHC) pre-announced a strong quarter back on June 13, and then beat higher guidance on June 24. It is a Zacks Rank No. 1 (Strong Buy). It is the Bull of the Day.

Fully Loaded

Over the last several months there has been a lot of talk about banning certain types of guns. That rose to a fever pitch after the tragic events in Sandyhook in December 2012. The following months saw a social outcry to limit gun sales and it also saw people who were on the fence about buying a gun go out a make a purchase. It seems as if the growth in purchases of new guns is continuing as the company continues to see higher revenue numbers.

Company Description

SWHC makes and sell guns. From handguns to sporting rifles to handcuffs, Smith & Wesson was founded in 1852 and is based in Springfield, Mass.

Good Earnings History

Looking to the earnings history, I see a stock that has beaten the number in each of the last seven reports. The most recent quarter was a beat of $0.01, which translated into a positive earnings surprise of 2.3%. That was a decrease from the $0.05 beat reported for the January 2013 quarter, a 23.8% positive earnings surprise and a 55% positive earnings surprise posted in the July 2012 quarter.

Pre-Announcement and Subsequent Move

On the evening of June 13, the company issued upside guidance of $0.44 compared to the Wall Street consensus estimate of $0.40, so a 10% surprise can be built into the most recent number. The other more surprising thing was the revenue guidance of $179M compared to the then- consensus of $170M.

Prior to the announcement the stock closed at $9.30, but after the announcement the price was higher by 5.5%. Since the open on June 14, the stock has moved higher by about 8%. The combined move computes to more than 13% and the stringing along of the good news helped insulate shares from the recent downturn in the broader market.

Earnings Estimates Tick Higher

Estimates for FY 2014 have been doing nothing but firing higher throughout the year. In January the Zacks Consensus Estimate was $0.93, where it stood for two months. An increase to $0.97 came in March, and that was followed by another big move to $1.04 in April. Following the most recent beat, estimates have jumped to $1.33 -- and that is just what investors want to see.


The valuation picture for SWHC is a great one. It is not that often you find a company that consistently beats the earnings number, sees good growth, and trades at a discount to the industry average. The 8.3x trailing P/E is almost half of the 16.4x industry average. The forward P/E of 7.6x is less than half the industry average of 15.6x, so on both P/E measures the company is trading at a significant discount to the industry average. The price-to-sales metric also shows a significant discount, but price to book is the lone measure that has the company trading at a premium to the industry average.

Starting at the end of 2011, the stock jolted higher as expectations for stronger earnings started to show up on analyst reports. The ride since has been volatile, but mostly up, with the stock moving from low single digits to double digits. With earnings expectations continuing to rise, the stock seems to be headed for new highs in the coming quarters.

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