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"Here we go again," shareholders of Entropic Communications (ENTR) must be thinking after the company updated its guidance for second quarter earnings on Tuesday. Shares fell 4 percent in after-hours trading to $4.15 after the company re-affirmed guidance for breakeven earnings on a non-GAAP basis, but moved projected revenue to $70 million, at the lower end of its previously announced range.

Indeed, quarterly earnings reports have been a minefield for Entropic and its investors, with a series of dizzying moves, too often in the wrong direction:

ENTR Earnings Movements

Quarter Date* Gain(Loss)
Q2FY11 8/4/11 (38%)
Q3FY11 11/3/11 (6.2%)
Q4FY11 2/2/12 15.7%
Q1FY12 4/25/12 (12.4%)
Q2FY12 6/27/12** 28.4%
Q3FY12 10/25/12 (19.6%)
Q4FY12 2/6/13 (6.6%)
Q1FY13 5/1/13*** (12.3%)

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