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Editor's notes: FMD has shaped up and diversified after a rough post-crisis period. Jonathan Verenger, who nailed the big YRCW move, sees big upside as the company reenters the securitization market.

If you believe like I do that the US economy will continue to be on the mend for a while and that we're in a new secular bull market, then in my opinion you need to be focusing on ideas that will benefit from this situation.

Since 2009, most of the financial sectors that were destroyed in the credit crisis have come back with a vengeance, particularly in the past year. Housing is picking up substantially, as is the auto sector. Stocks that benefit from those markets recovering have risen quite dramatically. Take a look at the performance of Standard Pacific (SPF), Radian (RDN) and MGIC (MTG) over the past 20 months. In the...

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