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Editor's notes: LINTA hasn't attracted the attention or valuation it deserves. A share buyback, reversion to success in its ecommerce segment, and a full year of results could lead to 30% upside.

Liberty Interactive Group (LINTA) is an underfollowed and undervalued company with solid fundamentals and share buybacks to help investors profit with minimal risk. Because the company went through recapitalization in August of 2012, investors are undervaluing QVC's growth prospects and discounting its stake in HSN completely.

What is Liberty Interactive Group?

In August 2012, Liberty Interactive Corp. went through a recapitalization and created two tracking stocks, Liberty Interactive Group and Liberty Venture Group (LVNTA).

Why you might ask? Why did the company have to do this recapitalization? We think the intention behind this recapitalization is so that investors can value LINTA on a standalone basis and also allow the company to repurchase shares. LVNTA owns...

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