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Editor's notes: Years of poor stock performance leave TRIAF.PK greatly undervalued. Sector expert Devon Shire says recent deals suggest 100% upside, and a pending sale might unlock that hidden value.

The chart above represents the TSX/S&P Venture Exchange index. This index is made up of mostly small cap resource stocks and has clearly been a miserable place to invest money over the past couple of years.

While almost every stock market in the world is up significantly over the past two years, this index of stocks has lost more than half its value.

Among the companies on the TSX/S&P Venture are energy producers. With light oil at $100 (yes even in Canada) I believe the prices of light oil weighted small caps in Canada presents a tremendous opportunity.

One such opportunity (in my opinion) is TriOil Resources (OTC:TRIAF) which is both significantly undervalued and has...

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