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AMERCO (UHAL) built a strong business enabling the "do-it-yourself" type. Best known by its oft-recognized orange-striped fleet of 112,000-plus moving trucks, AMERCO rents pick-ups, vans, trucks and trailers through over 16,000 independent U-Haul dealerships and about 1,500 company-owned moving centers. Its product offerings and services encompass everything needed for a move. From renting moving accessories like dollies to selling boxes, tapes and packing supplies, AMERCO readies the do-it-yourself mover. For more than sixty years, U-Haul has installed more trailer hitches than any other company. Many locations offer self-storage facilities, just shy of 40 million square feet in 445,000 rooms. Newer convenient offerings include portable storage boxes, college student storage & shipping and eMove, an online marketplace for...

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