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Investors are always looking for bargains, especially stocks that trade for less than $10 per share. has turned up ten of these low priced debt free stocks with lots of cash per share and strong revenue growth. All of them have market caps above $100 million, however, they are still low cap stocks and should be considered very speculative.

The Medicines Comp. (NASDAQ:MDCO) trades a little less than $8 per share, and has $3.56 in cash per share. This provider of medicines for the treatment of critical care patients has a market cap of $426.2 million, a forward P/E of 11.8 and a sales growth rate of 29.6%.

Citizens Inc. (NYSE:CIA), with a very interesting stock ticker symbol, trades for less than $7 share has $1.32 in cash per share. This life and health insurance company has a market cap of $ 341.0 million, a forward P/E of 21.1 and revenue growth of 12.3%.

Disclosure: Author does not own any of the above.