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Every week we have some level of expectation as to what we are going to see when we screen more than 800 ETF stock charts. But almost always, the charts have their own story to tell. It reminds us of the joke: Do you want to make God laugh? Then tell him your life plans. Much like the joke, what we expect to see and what we actually see are two very different things. This is one of those weeks.

When you read all the headlines: the market’s hot, new highs, NASDAQ, S&P 500 & Dow Jones Industrials all breaking out, the economy is on the road to recovery, earnings better than expected… so you expect technology stocks, growth stocks and sexy stories to dominate the charts like Michael Jackson in the '80s. That’s not what happened this week.

Under the surface we see some new possible trends emerging from our technical analysis of ETF stock charts: Banks stocks, Insurance stocks, REITs and value stocks are in. Technology stocks and growth stocks might be headed for the backseat. Perhaps money is just rolling out of what was hot into what’s been not.

These ETF stock charts delivered buy signals relative to the S&P 500 and could outperform the index in the weeks and months to come.

  • iShares Dow Jones US Regional Banks (NYSEARCA:IAT)
  • SPDR S&P International Telecom Sector (NYSEARCA:IST)
  • SPDR KBW Regional Banking (NYSEARCA:KRE)
  • PowerShares Dynamic Financials (NYSEARCA:PFI)
  • PowerShares Dynamic Insurance (NYSEARCA:PIC)
  • Materials Select Sector SPDR (NYSEARCA:XLB)
  • iShares Cohen & Steers Realty Majors (NYSEARCA:ICF)
  • iShares Dow Jones US Real Estate (NYSEARCA:IYR)
  • iShares FTSE NAREIT Resid Plus Cp Idx (NYSEARCA:REZ)
  • Vanguard REIT Index ETF (NYSEARCA:VNQ)
  • iShares Russell 1000 Value Index (NYSEARCA:IWD)
  • iShares Russell 2000 Value Index (NYSEARCA:IWN)
  • iShares Morningstar Large Value Index (NYSEARCA:JKF)
  • Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Value Index ETF (NYSEARCA:MGV)
  • Vanguard Value ETF (NYSEARCA:VTV)
  • Vanguard High Dividend Yield Indx ETF (NYSEARCA:VYM)
  • iShares Russell 2000 Value Index (IWN)

These ETF stock charts delivered sell signals relative to the S&P 500 and could underperform the index in the days ahead.

  • PowerShares NASDAQ-100 BuyWrite (PQBW)
  • SPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific (NYSEARCA:GMF)
  • SPDR S&P International Cons Stapl Sector (NYSEARCA:IPS)
  • SPDR Russell/Nomura Small Cap Japan (NYSEARCA:JSC)
  • iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap Index (NYSEARCA:SCJ)
  • iShares MSCI Taiwan Index (NYSEARCA:EWT)
  • Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Gr Index ETF (NYSEARCA:MGK)
  • Vanguard Growth ETF (NYSEARCA:VUG)
  • WisdomTree International Energy (DKA)
  • iShares Dow Jones US Broker-Dealers (NYSEARCA:IAI)
  • Broadband HOLDRs (NYSE:BDH)
  • B2B Internet HOLDRs (NYSE:BHH)
  • WisdomTree International Technology (DBT)
  • iShares S&P North Amer Tech-Multimd Ntwk (NYSEARCA:IGN)
  • PowerShares Dynamic Networking (NYSEARCA:PXQ)
  • Internet HOLDRs (NYSE:HHH)
  • iShares Russell 3000 Growth Index (IWZ)
  • iShares Morningstar Large Growth Index (NYSEARCA:JKE)