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Company: Phillips 66 Partners LP.

Exchange: New York Stock Exchange.

Symbol: (PSXP)

Industry: industrial asset ownership and management (hydrocarbons).

Expected date of listing: 23 July, 2013.

Data source: IPO prospectus.

The Offer:

Phillips 66 Partners LP is offering 15,000,000 common units in this offering. The anticipated initial public offering price per share will be between $19 and $21. The underwriters have an option to purchase a maximum of 2,250,000 common units from the company to cover any over-allotment of shares.

The company is an "emerging growth company" as per the JOBS Act, and, as such, will be subject to reduced public company reporting requirements.

Valuations after current offering:

Units outstanding after this offering

71,871,657* units

Offer price (mid

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