Canadian Housing Market Rebounds

Aug.16.09 | About: Canadian Real (CRXIF)

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association report released Friday, the housing resale market for July posted its largest year-over-year gain in two years.
Record sales of existing homes in July hit 50,000 units. A total of 50, 270 homes sold, up 18.2% from the same month last year, and 3.9% above the previous record for July that was set in 2007.

Demand in some of Canada's priciest housing markets:

Gains year-over-year;

  • Toronto (28%)
  • Vancouver (90%)
  • Montreal (19%)
  • Calgary (22%)
  • Edmonton (28%)
  • Is moving prices higher by an average of 7.6% from one year ago to $326,832.00 CAD.

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