Sex Sells - But Sometimes It Shouldn't

| About: Virgin Media (VMED)

Yesterday I was emailed out of the blue by someone from an agency working with Virgin Media (NASDAQ:VMED) on its "Powerful Stuff" campaign, and asking for feedback on the commercial embedded below. I personally think that with reviews it always pays to be careful what you wish for. As a piece of creative it's fine - nicely shot, etc., but it's an elaborately staged yet unimaginative pun (50 Megs, get it? Get it?). Cute, but pointless, and it does nothing to convey the sort of message this company should be telling regarding its competitive strengths.

Despite telcos' repeated attempts to make it something other than an enabling utility, ultimately broadband should be as sexy and thrilling as electricity, water or a tin of Ronseal. The benchmark of success is that it is available and reliable when people need it, and hopefully reasonably priced yet profitable as a business. You turn it on, and it works. And that's certainly something customers should be thankful for, but not excited about. It's a pretty sad comment on broadband development to date that, much like the British rail transport system, people express excitement on the rare occasion when it actually works as intended.

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