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If after hours trading is any indication, then we should be heading much higher tomorrow. The bulls are taking over once again driving market prices higher in everything everywhere. All this is due to low interest rates forcing investors on the sidelines to lose their patience and make for better returns in riskier assets. This is the logical outcome of this much liquidity with a lot of manipulation and BS stirred in. It is what it is. That’s all we can say since we’re back in bubble-land once again. The price will be high but that’s all down the road since putting things off seems easier. While officials talk tough, it’s also much easier to inflate.

Zero Hedge glommed on to an interesting Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) document leaked to them. A portion of their summary is as follows:

“What is interesting is that while Goldman makes token concessions about certain aspects of market topology, it is virtually adamant in its “do not touch” stance on precisely those components in which it is becoming a practical monopoly power.” Continue reading….

You have to hand it to Goldman—what you hand them is up to you.

Let’s see what happens and follow our intraday comments on twitter.

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Source: Thursday Outlook: Commodities, Global Markets