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Editor's notes: An EPA regulation on a key substance could lead to great pricing power for HDSN. The refrigerant reclaimer could see 100% upside as it becomes the only game in town.

Hudson Technologies, Inc. (HDSN) is a small-cap ($58mm) refrigerant services company that provides solutions to the refrigeration industry in the United States and internationally. It offers products and services, including reclaimed and virgin refrigerants and laboratory testing, as well as re-usable cylinder refurbishment and services such as decontamination to remove moisture, oils and other contaminants.

The company offers its services under Chiller Chemistry, Chill Smart, Fluid Chemistry and Performance Optimization names primarily to industrial and commercial clients for commercial air conditioning, industrial processing and refrigeration systems. The company also serves government customers as well as wholesalers, distributors, contractors and refrigeration equipment manufacturers, and customers in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, industrial power, manufacturing, property management and maritime industries. The company...

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