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Here is a list of 73 exchange traded funds with at least $100 million market-cap, at least $1 million daily Dollar trading volume, and at least 3% annualized last dividend yield.

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Note that the yield in this table is only one of several ways to express yield. This particular method annualizes most most recent dividend payment. We have interviewed the data source and have moderately satisfactory assurance that the dividend being annualized is from only interest and dividends (not gains) received by the fund from underlying assets, but cannot be absolutely certain that is correct.

The consistency and quality of dividend yield reporting from various sources is not as high as one might hope. Don’t take any one source, including the data in this article, as the final world on yield. Check and double check with multiple sources; and try to get to the primary data from the fund before making a yield oriented decision.

If you are an equity income investor, this is merely a raw list from which you may find interesting prospects. Be sure to research the dividend from several angles: SEC yield, trailing twelve month yield, indicated current yield (ostensibly what this list presents), past dividend growth rate, unusual dividend reduction patterns (as one might find in a bank fund), and payout ratio of underlying assets (as might be particularly important for underlying REITs).

Verifying yield before investing is essential for income oriented investors.

Disclosure: We own 16 of the 73 funds when all managed accounts are viewed in the aggregate.

Source: Liquid ETFs of Size with Yield