AIG Up 409% and Still Not at Highs for the Year

Includes: AIG, DDRX
by: Bespoke Investment Group

With the stock trading above $40 in the pre-market and up 409% since its lows in July, one would think that AIG would be at its highs for the year. However, the stock still needs to rally an additional $2 from current levels to eclipse the $43.80 level it reached in early May.

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While highs for the year are currently within reach, all-time highs probably won't be seen again in our lifetimes. The chart below shows AIG's historical price after accounting for the stock's 1:20 reverse split. Since its high of $2,075 nearly 10 years ago, AIG is down 98%. In order for the stock to rally back to those levels again, we would need to see a rally of 4,852% from current levels. Who knows, stranger things have happened (DDRX is up 6,511% YTD), but with last year's government bailout diluting stockholders by 80%, don't hold your breath.

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