Due to Low Liquidity, Avoid Trading Until After Labor Day

by: ContraHour

Stock market liquidity has dried up to nothing and I'm guessing it will remain this way until September 4th. Since I've already used my Summer vacation, I'll be focusing on catching up on some research over the coming week. I would suggest that if you are an active trader, that you do the same. Reading a good trading book or catching up on some research will probably be much more worthwhile than sitting in front of your trading screens.

But just in case you don't believe me, here's what you've missed this year...

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And just in case you're contemplating shorting this boring market because you see the stochastics crossing at the top, I'll point you to the weekly chart.


The weekly stochastics are still rising strongly, indicating the market is probably primed for one more rally before there's a good risk to reward ratio in shorting this boring market. For now, enjoy the last few days of summer.