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Editor's notes: IMUC has a cancer drug near approval and a platform adaptable to many forms of cancer. Joe Springer, who called HYGS, MNKD, and TA, sees significant upside beyond sell-side estimates.

We think that ImmunoCellular Therapeutics (IMUC) has one of the best risk vs. reward profiles in the stock market. ImmunoCellular Therapeutics is developing cancer immunotherapies that target cancer stem cells to fight the problem of recurrence. The six most important trends and catalysts for it are:

1) Cancer Stem Cells Promote Cancer Recurrence

  • Recurrence - Cancer recurrence is one of the biggest challenges in oncology.
  • CSCs and Recurrence - Cancer stem cells seem to be behind the problem of recurrence from minimal residual tissue.
  • Therapies Targeting Cancer Stem Cells are Needed to Treat Recurrence - There is a glaring need for therapies that target cancer stem cells.

2) ICT-107 Targets Cancer Stem Cells

  • Dendritic Cell

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