by: VFC's Stock House

TRBN: [correction]

In response to my recent post regarding Trubion Pharmaceuticals, I received an email from Amy, who works for the company, pointing out the fact that I mis-identified one of their Wyeth (WYE)-partnered drugs, TRU-015 as TRU-105. I've corrected the mistake on the original post and I ask readers to take note of the change.

My outlook for the stock has not changed, however, and it's still a decent long term pick, in my opinion. I've got it on my watch list and I may pick up a few shares if it dips below five.

OTC:CSUH: On September fourth the Celsius "Hot Spot" blog, located on the company web site, reported that good news would be released the following week. That news was announced last Thursday in a blog update that stated that the company is set to launch nationwide cable television ads during the coming week.

With recent financing in place and the Celsius product growing in both awareness and popularity, the nation wide television ads could only be construed as a positive development that could potentially launch Celsius into the mainstream of America.

It's also my opinion that the big news events are just beginning. I don't think that the TV ads are the least big piece of news that CEO Steve Haley has up his sleeve. With the fall television season beginning next week, we could have more in store. Of course, that is just my own speculation.

As for the stock price, the forty five cent close on Friday could be an attractive entry point for those who have been waiting on the sidelines looking to get in; those who bought in at fifty or above may want to average down a bit, but I think that Friday's drop is a result of a 'tree shake' where stop-loss orders were taken out and shareholders who run at the first sign of trouble sold.

Regardless of the day to day price action of the stock, the company is in the early stages of a huge growth phase, in my opinion, and the nationwide advertising will only help.

A few years down the road, anyone still holding from below a dollar is going to be sitting pretty, in my opinion.

OTCQB:MHTX: Shares of Manhattan Scientifics tripled in price over the course of the last trading week and while I can't blame some shareholders for selling into the triple, I've retained 100% of my position and will hold for the long term. If any of this company's technologies - such as their nano-structured metals - 'hits,' then price increases of a lot more than a triple will be in store for the future.

The company also announced in a press release issued on Friday that it has initiated an investor relations program with Premier Media Services, Inc. The founder and President of Premier stated that (quoting directly from the PR),

Based upon our meetings with management and review of their recent activity, we are convinced that Manhattan has the ability to recover past shareholder values.

That statement has yet to be seen, but the fact of the matter is that if Manhattan can take their super light-weight metals to market then shareholders are going to be very happy, regardless of who is running the PR firm.

I loved the risk/reward profile of MHTX at five cents, but I still think it could be worth the risk while trading in the teens. That being said, the price could drop below a dime again - where it would obviously be a better buy than it is now - because it'll take real news, a lot of speculation or some big investors coming on board at these prices in order for the recent triple to stand.

An investment in MHTX can either be an investment where you buy shares now based on the potential of the technology - in order to check back in a year or two and see what's going on, or you can trade in and out of the new found volatility in order to reduce your exposure to risk.

I'm taking the buy now and check back later approach with this one. Let's see what they can do with the technology.

OTCPK:BIEL: It's worth keeping an eye on shares of BioElectronics right now. After consolidating in the six to eight cent trading range for weeks, the stock has renewed it's run and closed the week at over eleven cents.

Ultimately (mid to long term) I think that a buy for eleven cents is going to turn out to be a steal, but for the short term I also wouldn't be surprised to see another drop to below ten cents. That being said, I wouldn't hold my breath on this one as any decent news from the FDA regarding pending applications could send BIEL to over twenty cents, in my opinion.

I'm fully consolidated in my position with BIEL and won't be a buyer unless it hits a nickel again - something that I don't believe will happen - but ActiPatch and RecoveryRX could be huge global sellers in the future and investors should want in now.

In all honesty I'm surprised that this company traded for below a penny at one point and I'm even more surprised that Big Pharma hasn't snapped up BioElectronics and its technology.

I still call BIEL a buy - but pay attention and average down when you can. Long term, we've got a winner here - in my opinion.

OTCQX:SPHRY: Shares of Starpharma Holdings closed the trading week at a 52-week high of $4.05. I've been patiently waiting for this one to dip to three bucks - it's come close - and I'd love to hold a few shares of SPHRY because if VivaGel performs as advertised, then Starpharma is going to be huge - in my opinion.

The product has only been tested in one human trial, so therefor more trials are needed to confirm the positive results of the first one, but the potential of the VivaGel product is huge.

Keep this one on the watch list and buy the dips - I've almost given up on a drop to $3, but I want in, so on the next significat dip I'll be looking to buy a few shares.

Disclosure: long BIEL.PK, MHTX.OB, and CSUH.OB