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<< Return to page 1 - Much Overbought, from Many Perspectives

Words fail me in describing this action so I must turn to something more lyrical from the Eagles. The bottom line is markets are much overbought from many perspectives as quad-witching looms. Some would argue correctly that overbought conditions are a sign of strength rather than an opportunity to exit. We have taken some profits and may be forced to reenter at some point, a la “you can never leave.”

Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) disappointed after the close and how markets react to this will prove interesting. The spin might well be to shrug it off and focus on rosier scenarios like more “better than expected” news on Jobless Claims, Housing Starts and the Philly Fed Survey being released tomorrow.

I just remain your reporter from my humble perch. Let’s see what happens and you can follow us on twitter here.

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Source: Thursday Outlook: Commodities, Global Markets