Search-Engine Rankings: Google on Top, Bing Grows 22% in August

by: Marketing Charts

While US searches increased 3% month-over-month in August 2009, total searches on Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) search sites grew 22.1% over July, making Bing the fastest growing search provider among the top 10, according to monthly search rankings from The Nielsen Company.

Though Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Search remained as the #1 search provider and grew 2.6% to 7.0 billion searches with a 64.6% share, the share of searches for Bing increased from 9.0% in July to 10.7 % in August.

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Despite July gains, #2 search provider Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) Search declined 4.2% for the month, and now holds a 16% share. Comcast Search, which was the fast-grower in July, saw the steepest decline in August - a month-over-month decrease of 21.6%.

The total number of US searches conducted at the top search providers topped 10.8 billion in August.

Similar data from comScore for July 2009 revealed that Google commanded a 64.7% share of the US search market. Bing took a 8.9% share of the market last month in comScore’s rankings.

About the data: Nielsen’s MegaView Search data - including total searches, unique searchers, search share, and all other search figures – cannot be trended with search results prior to June 2009 because of recent methodology changes.