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When the market was crashing during the '08 and early '09 bear, the path of least resistance was down. Unless there was a strong economic or earnings report to send shares higher for a day or two, the market was headed lower without question. Now, however, the path of least resistance is up. Unless there is big news that comes out and causes investors to worry, the market is heading higher, and this new trend is not something to be overlooked.

The Nasdaq is up 35% year to date and the S&P 500 is up 18%. Below we highlight stocks in the Russell 3,000 that are up more than 400% year to date. There are a whopping 44 of them. Diedrich Coffee (DDRX) is by far up the most year to date with a gain of 6,800%. VNDA, DTG, and ATSG are all up more than 2,000%, and CAR, VCI, BZ, OGXI, SMRT, and CTIC are all up more than 1,000%. If you've owned any of these names since the start of the year, chances are your portfolio is doing pretty well.

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