Changes To Market Currents: What We've Done, And Why

by: SA Product Team

by Jason Aycock, Managing Editor, Market Currents

Those of you who rely on (or are even addicted to) Market Currents, Seeking Alpha's short-form news feature, have noticed we've made a big change in format: from a longer paragraph form into shorter, more direct bullet points conveying the news and analysis we're delivering.

We have a big bunch of happy readers, so that's a change that isn't made lightly – and a lot of behind-the-scenes effort has gone into making this feature easier to read, more useful and hopefully much more enjoyable for you.

Our readers run the gamut of investors — and while many professionals in our audience have used Market Currents to replace pricey subscriptions to StreetAccount or Bloomberg, they're still looking to us for quick delivery, clarity and understanding. This new format promises that and more — including easy-to-skim ticker symbols, and headlines that help guide you more quickly to the news you can use.

We think this speed-and-clarity issue is important because with more than a million of you signing up for and receiving our real-time alerts, clear communication is more important for us than it's ever been. And with more and more of you reading our news through our mobile apps (Seeking Alpha Portfolio, Tech Investor, ETF Investor, Energy Investor, and Dividend Investor — on Android and iOS), quickly working through and understanding what we're delivering to you has become a critical difference-maker. You want your news where you want it, and we're striving to meet you there.

We've had our editors and developers working overtime to tweak aspects of the new look, including:

  • Condensing some items that you said took up too much vertical space and forced more scrolling.
  • We've begun using the format to deliver key news quickly while adding in more related information in side bullets: more source filings, more conference calls, more context.
  • On the “All Market Currents” page, AJAX-style “slide-down” refresh of Market Currents rather than a page reload that brings you back to the top. (You can always lock down the view and see the whole day at once by clicking “Today so far” at the top of the column, or choose “Yesterday” to see what you might have missed from before.)

But tell us more about what you'd like to see and how we can make Market Currents even better. In particular, I'd love to hear from you about length of items, since so many of you are getting our real-time alerts in e-mail and push notifications. Do you savor a well-prepared item with a lot to chew on? Or would you prefer much quicker, briefer items, even if that means more alerts in your inbox?

We're excited about where this takes us — particularly considering some of the "enterprise-strength" industry sources we're displacing, even as we stay a free source for our community. We're aiming to keep applying leverage using our strengths to bring some true innovation and disruption to short-form investing news. But please let me know in comments what else you would like, and trust that we are listening to all of it.

Jason Aycock
Managing Editor, Market Currents