McCormick's Short Base Well Above Sector Average

| About: McCormick & (MKC)

The short interest (as measured by Percent Shares Outstanding On Loan) for McCormick & Co Inc (NYSE:MKC) has risen 7.23% over the past week and now stands at 5.86%. This is down 2.4% from the 52 week high hit on September 18, 2009.

When compared to other North America Food Products companies, the short base is well above the average of 4.40% for the sector. Over the past week the Negative Sentiment Indicator (DNS) for MKC saw a small increase to the ninth decile. The DNS for the security is now high indicating an increasing amount of negative short sale sentiment. The Price Squeeze Indicator (DIPS) remained unchanged and continues to be in the first decile which indicates a low probability of a price squeeze.

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