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<< Return to page 1 - Yom Kippur Rally

There’s still an opportunity for two more days of propping for those who need it and can do it.

Among interesting stories today was one from the New York Magazine ripping financial blogs in general and Zero Hedge specifically. It’s another attempt by the old media to denigrate the new media. The article focused more on the bloggers' background versus the breadth and depth of content published by Zero Hedge and others. The response from the blog was “The Incredible Lightness of Reporters” to which I say touché! Further, Zero Hedge released a previously hidden 1975 memo from former Fed chairman Arthur Burns to then President Ford regarding gold which is a must read.

We start getting more volume tomorrow as Yom Kippur ends and real economic data versus wishful thinking are released including retail sales data, home prices and consumer confidence.

This was a light commentary but I suspect whatever spin bulls can give reports they will. After all, there’s bonus money on the line.

We’ll see what happens next but in the meantime you can follow us on twitter.

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Source: Tuesday Outlook: Commodities, Global Markets