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H-P Board Clash Over Leaks Triggers Angry Resignation

  • Summary: Fireworks in the Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ) boardroom: In May, director George Keyworth was singled out by an internal investigation as the source of leaks about board deliberations; Mr. Keyworth's friend, Tom Perkins, quit on the spot, and has forwarded materials to the SEC prompting a probe of the investigation. HP fired back, announcing a filing with the SEC today. One of the practices under question is pretexting, where private investigators falsely represent themselves to telcos to receive someone's personal records. The Hollywood style drama runs much deeper than this, though. One small nugget: Tom Perkins was brought to the board despite Ms. Fiorina's resistance, and was party to calls and emails prior to joining the board surrounding her capabilities. You may want to wait for the book: Ms. Fiorina's version will be published next month.
  • Comment on related stocks/ETFs: HP's Q3 conference call. Andy Neff comments on Hewlett Packard's strong quarter and Q2 PC shipments. On February 15th, Carl Howe anticipated HP's Post-Valentine's Day Lover's Quarrel.
Source: Hewlett Packard's Boardroom Drama