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Editor's notes: Caught up in the market sell-off of REITs, WY shares provide an attractive entry point into a strong company with accretive capital allocation. REIT expert Dane Bowler sees 25% upside.

The Buy Thesis

While Weyerhaeuser (WY) has experienced nothing but success on a fundamental level, its market price has dipped 17% since May 21st. I believe and this article will demonstrate that this dip was strictly related to market panic and that Weyerhaeuser is worth far more than its market price. We will begin by depicting the divergence of its fundamentals from its market price and follow with the catalysts that will drive shareholder returns.

Following the REIT market

In the macro scale panic relating to potentially rising interest rates, REITs have been lumped together regardless of fundamentals and fallen as a group. Weyerhaeuser is a prime example of this phenomenon.

While the S&P (shown...

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