TMX Group Hits the Road to Drum up Business

Oct. 1.09 | About: TMX Group (TMXXF)

TMX Group (TMXGF.PK) officials are on the road looking to drum up business, with a California visit Wednesday and three other U.S. stops in the next month.

Chief executive office Tom Kloet will be outlining “the exchanges’ prominence as international resource equities markets as well as their expertise in financing, mentoring and supporting emerging companies.”

He will be espousing the virtues of both the TSX and the TSX Venture Exchange, which are the most popular foreign exchanges for American companies, with more than 130 listings.

“Moreover, they are the world’s leading markets for the mining, energy and cleantech, listing the highest number of companies in these sectors,” the exchange stated in a release.

The sessions also outline cross-border legal, accounting and banking issues. The other sessions are in Miami Oct. 15, Phoenix Oct. 28 and 29, and Minneapolis on Nov. 19.