Internet Access and VoIP in India - Internet Cafe Details (SIFY, REDF)

 |  Includes: REDF, SIFY
by: David Jackson (ticker: REDF) CEO Ajit Balakrishnan recently stated that 60% of Internet access in India is from Internet cafes. (His full comments are here.) One of the larger Indian Internet cafe chains is iWay, a franchise run by Indian networking/Internet company Sify (ticker: SIFY). Sify provided details about its retail Internet access business, which grew 42% year-over-year and includes iWay, in its Q2 press release. One point to note: voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone call minutes from the Internet cafes grew 10% sequentially, and Sify is installing VoIP telephone booths in "high traffic commercial and residential areas across the country". Details:

First, some brief background. Sify's Retail Internet business consists of Internet access at “iWay