Access Pharma's Prospects Look Good Even Without a Buyout

An email from 'Marty' regarding Access Pharmaceuticals (OTCQB:ACCP-OLD):

What's your take on Access Pharma?...I'm hearing lots of takeover rumors but that's not enough to warrant a strong position. What are its prospects as a stand-alone and what are your thoughts about a possible buy out?

VFC's Take: I think you hit the nail on the head regarding a takeover; it's nice to speculate on a buyout, but that alone does not warrant a large position.

That being said I think that Access has a lot of potential, as a business and as an investment. Additionally, the company got some big publicity in the form of a feature in this week's issue of Business Week, so it's possible that the stock could trade up a bit as new investors are lured in by the publicity look to gain a position in the stock.

With a market cap of thirty six million, this stock has room to move - even after the run over the past few months. As for the buyout, I wouldn't invest solely in anticipation of a buyout, but if it happens, take it as a nice bonus.

Disclosure: No position.