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Editor's notes: ARKR's idiosyncratic approach has produced consistent earnings despite unavoidable bumps. With a lurking acquirer and an investment that could hit the jackpot, the company is too cheap to ignore.

Upfront Note: While ARKR is rather large compared to most of the stocks I talk about, insiders control a large percentage of the shares, resulting in a low float and a somewhat wide bid ask spread. Please be careful, do your own diligence, and use limit orders.

At today's prices, it's my contention that Ark Restaurants (ARKR) represents an outstanding value investment. One-time losses are somewhat masking the company's core earning power and causing the company to trade for an incredibly low multiple compared to sustainable earnings, while a recent investment with home run potential could be worth over 50% of the company's current market cap and is currently being largely ignored by the market. The company has...

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