Nevada Gold & Casinos Makes Its Way To Positive Trailing 12-Month Earnings

| About: Nevada Gold (UWN)

I start paying closer attention to companies that have positive trailing twelve month earnings. This past earnings season, Nevada Gold & Casinos (NYSEMKT:UWN) reported its fiscal year 2013 results, which included a full year profit. As a result, I have added the company to my "watch" list. While in a good financial position, UWN still has some key points where it can improve. For now, it will remain under close watch.

Nevada Gold & Casinos operates as a gaming property/project entity primarily in Washington, South Dakota, and Colorado. The company runs a number of casinos primarily in Washington state. Over the past 52 weeks, UWN has traded between $0.71-$1.30/share.

The company closed its fourth quarter and fiscal 2013 on April 30, 2013. During the fourth quarter, revenues fell $48,712--or 0.3%. Operating expenses, however, were reduced by a significant 31.1%; primarily because of the complete eradication of the valuation allowance of assets expense. This ultimately led to a $452,434 net income compared to a $5,328,072 net loss for the same quarter last year.

All in all, I give UWN a rating of 9 of 13. Points still marking against the company:

  • Revenues were down in the most recent quarter;
  • $12.9 million in long-term debt, which represents 18.4% of the company's annual revenues;
  • Trading just 8.5% off its 52-week high; and
  • For such a small company, the share structure isn't quite intact. Insiders own just 7.8% of the 16 million shares.

Some of the company's positive points include:

  • Book value of $1.73, representing a 45.4% premium over current trading price;
  • A positive earnings trend, including the increased year-over-year earnings reported for the company's most recent quarter; and
  • A current asset-to-liabilities ratio of 1.8, resulting in $4.5 million in working capital.

Bottom line

UWN has just scraped by with a net profit. There is increased pressure on the gaming industry worldwide, especially smaller gaming entities. However, some small companies are succeeding. Whether Nevada Gold & Casinos can continue to improve its results by keeping operating expenses low is yet to be seen. However, the company's high rating (everything above an 8 is considered good) hints at the company's relatively strong financial position.

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