TXU, NewsCorp, AutoNation Top List of Hedge Fund Pullouts in 2Q'06

Includes: AN, NWS, TXU
by: TickerSense

Below is one page from a detailed report going out to our research clients that analyzes the US equity portfolios (and the major changes thereto) of the fifty largest pure hedge funds. This chart in particular highlights the stocks from which the most total capital was withdrawn during the 2nd Quarter of 2006.

As you can see, TXU Corporation (TXU), NewsCorp (NASDAQ:NWS) and AutoNation (NYSE:AN) topped the list, with the 50 major hedge funds collectively selling off around $600 million worth of each stock.

In all, 18 of the 27 funds who had positions in TXU during 2Q '06 either decreased or completely liquidated their position in the company.

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