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Editor's notes: Numerous red flags like a lack of transparency on patents, paid research, and excessive promotion lead veteran analyst Alan Brochstein to believe PLPL.OB has 50% downside.

Plandaí­ Biotechnology (OTCQB:PLPL), "headquartered" in Seattle, is seeking to "transform the world of nutraceuticals" by growing green tea in South Africa and employing specialized extraction technologies in order to produce a highly bioavailable green tea gallate catechin. The company believes that it can potentially cure malaria, and it also suggests that its "Phytofare Catechin Complex" may lead to weight loss among many other possible positive health indications, like curing cancer or HIV. While these are significant opportunities to address large problems that have led investors to drive PLPL up over 1000% in 2013, a careful review of the company's background and financials reveals many red flags that suggest investors are at risk of losing their entire investment. With...

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