2 New Short Treasury Bond ETFs from ProShares

Includes: PST, TBF, TBT
by: Tom Lydon

ProShares is getting in on the action with the bond ETF market by offering two new funds that short Treasuries.

ProShares has launched two new long-term Treasury bond ETFs. The ETFs are:

  • ProShares Short 20+ Year Treasury (NYSEArca: TBF)
  • ProShares UltraShort 20+Year treasury (NYSEArca: TBT)

These new funds are in addition to ProShares’ first Treasury bond fund, which is the ProShares UltraShort 7-10 Year Treasury (NYSEArca: PST).

Read the prospectus and be sure to fully understand how leveraged and inverse ETFs work before you buy. They’re very unique products and are not right for everyone.