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Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Monday October 19.

The government's case against Galleon Management for securities fraud and insider trading may seem like bad news on The Street and may confirm the widely-held suspicion that the market is rigged, but Cramer says the case gives investors "fantastic insight into how the market really works and how hedge funds really make a killing playing earnings season.” He discussed five things investors can learn from the case.

1. Guidance is Important: Galleon founder Raj Rajaratnam was in and out of Intel (NASDAQ:INTC); at first he heard that earnings would be strong, but then he got a tip that guidance would disappoint. Sure enough, the stock price fell. Cramer noted how relevant this is to the current earnings season; stocks are rising on guidance even if earnings aren't fantastic.

2. Look at the Top Line and Backlog. Rajaratnam got into Polycom (NASDAQ:PLCM) before it soared. The company's backlog was enough to make him bullish.

3. Cost Cuts Make a Stock Attractive. After Intel dropped on disappointing guidance, Rajaratnam got back into the stock on news of a cost-cutting program, and the stock rose. Cramer would take a look at other stocks that are tightening their budgets, such as Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) and Ford (NYSE:F)

4. A Recipe for a Short: Missed Earnings and Sales Targets and Reduced Guidance. Rajaratnam shorted Akamai (NASDAQ:AKAM) on news it has all of these ingredients, and the stock dropped 20% overnight. Cramer said any stock like this is "in the danger zone."

5. Look at Linked Quarters. To Rajaratnam, linked quarters meant a lot more than year-over-year results. When he got wind of the fact that Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) would announce a profit of a mere 25 cents less a share than the previous quarter, he got out of the stock and missed a $28 decline. Cramer thinks Eaton (NYSE:ETN) has a similar but opposite story; its year-over-year numbers are poor, but the stock gained $4 because of its improved performance over the previous quarter.

Itron (NASDAQ:ITRI), General Electric (NYSE:GE)

On its earnings report Friday, GE (GE) discussed the need for smart grids which use digital technology to monitor energy usage. The old grid system is "ancient" and "badly organized," and President Obama has acknowledged a need for an upgrade. Cramer called Itron (ITRI) “the starting point for the smart-grid transformation.” Itron's technology can monitor energy use without the need for a personal visits, and hourly updates can be sent to utility companies. Itron controls 50% of the market in the U.S. and 30% worldwide; with only 7% of the 2.7 billion meters in the world updated with smart technology, there is plenty of room to grow.

While Cramer admits he has gotten the stock wrong before - it declined 24% after a recommendation in April - he thinks Obama's concern for the smart grid could make the timing right. The stock trades at a multiple of 17.5 with a 26% growth rate. Since the stock is at the early stage of a long-term secular growth trend, Cramer thinks Itron has plenty of room to the upside.

Dole (NYSE:DOLE), Chiquita Banana (NYSE:CQB), Fresh Del Monte (NYSE:FDP)

"I know my iPOs," Cramer said, "so you better pay attention when I tell you to try to get some Dole Foods." The famous fruit company is offering 35.7 million shares at between $13 and $15. Cramer suggests buying as much as possible at this level, since, if it traded like competitors Chiquita Banana (CQB) and Fresh Del Monte (FDP), Dole would be worth $20.

Dole is rated second or third in market share for most of its products, and two-thirds of its brands survive, while 80% of brands most companies produce fail. Dole has reduced its debt from $2.3 billion to $1.6 billion. The fact that Chairman David Murdoch is going to retain his 59% stake in the company is a show of confidence, and Cramer likes the fact that no greedy equity firm is behind the deal. Cramer would not wait to buy Dole, but would try to snatch shares of the IPO.

Mad Mail: Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), Starent (STAR-OLD), Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), Coinstar (CSTR), Xerox (NYSE:XRX)

Cramer says the Starent (STAR-OLD) trade is over and he would buy Cisco (CSCO) instead. He told another viewer that he likes both Netflix (NFLX) and Coinstar (CSTR). Cramer says he is bearish on Xerox.


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Source: Cramer's Mad Money - 5 Things You Can Learn from Galleon Management (10/19/09)