SA Pro: Top Long And Short Ideas, Tuesday September 10

by: SA PRO Editors

This is a copy of the SA Pro Top Long And Short Ideas daily report sent exclusively to Pro subscribers on Tuesday, September 10. It was made fully available on Seeking Alpha twenty-four hours later.

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This is your daily report for Tuesday, September 10, with today's top long and short ideas available only to SA Pro subscribers.

Exclusive Alpha-Rich Ideas

  1. Emulex: A Product Cycle Play With A Few Interesting Twists, by Ashraf Eassa. A new product cycle, recent redesigns, and a cheap valuation make ELX a buy. 35% upside. Exclusive until 9:30 AM today.
  2. From Russia With No Love, Lukoil Trading At A Very Low Multiple, by Stephen Simpson. The Russian stalwart is trading at a Siberian-sized discount. 30% upside with a hefty dividend. Exclusive until 9:45 AM today.
  3. Make Up Or Break Up: Unlocking Value At Hudson Global, by Thomas Finser. Having shed legacy baggage, HSON has several paths to a higher valuation. A potential double. Exclusive until 10:00 AM today.
  4. Inovio - Dilution And Catalysts Make It A Promising Short, by Amit Ghate. A big move up and possible dilution create a short opportunity in INO's shares. 50% potential downside. Exclusive until 10:15 AM today.
  5. Add Spark Networks And Give Your Portfolio Some Love, by Mike Arnold. LOV's faith-based dating services and low valuation are a match made in heaven for investors and could beget 65% upside. Exclusive until 10:30 AM.
  6. Gazprom's Discount Seems Extreme, by Stephen Simpson. Gazprom trades at an oversized discount to domestic peers, NAV, and reasonable DCF results. 25-45% upside. Exclusive until 10:45 AM.
  7. High Expectations, Even Higher Stock Price: Texas Roadhouse Should Fall At Least 20%, Shaun Currie. TXRH has a Texas-sized valuation, but faces outsized growth expectations as well. 20% downside. Exclusive until 11:00 AM today.

Stock Movers and Great Calls
Alpha-Rich long and short ideas regularly move stocks and identify stocks that are about to move. Some notable recent calls subscribers had early access to:

  1. Friday, fund manager Ben Axler stated that Axcelis Technologies was on the verge of an inflection point, with 50% upside on a conservative basis. The stock is +7.8% to date. Read article »
  2. On August 12, Street Smart Investor said the pending close of a difficult merger and the resolution of several headwinds had Sterilite Industries poised for 100% upside. On a merger-adjusted basis, shares are +19% since. Read article »

To Come Today
Don't forget to check your SA Pro dashboard during market hours today for the latest Alpha-Rich ideas, including an Apple-related short play.

SA Pro Editors

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