Nissan: Not Planning to Play a Role in Hybrids

| About: Nissan Motor (NSANY)

Speaking of the Tokyo Motor Show, hybrid vehicles, and executive pronouncements, Nissan's (OTCPK:NSANY) head honcho, Carlos Ghosn, has made some interesting statements about Nissan's technology plans. Speaking from the exhibition floor, Ghosn said that Nissan doesn't want to be a big player in the hybrid market, having chosen instead to set its sights further down the road: "We are not intending to play a leadership role in hybrids. One company already assumed leadership in the technology. We want leadership on EVs." Sounds a little reminiscent of Honda's (NYSE:HMC) view on EVs versus fuel-cell vehicles -- although Ghosn gets points for standing firm instead of bending to marketplace demands.