Not Everyone Likes Windows 7

Includes: AAPL, MSFT
by: Ray

Imagine everything you hated about Vista and XP in one version and you'll have Microsoft’s new OS. Yes, it’s that bad. In a word, awful, and I mean it.

How do I know this? I just helped my parents set up their new PC (their old one blew up a couple days ago). For some reason the Einstein’s over at Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) decided to make the new version look like Apple’s OS with a Vista twist. To make matters worse, the damn thing blue-screened during the setup. I am not kidding.

If I were Bill Gates I would sell all my shares of Mr. Softie and demand to not be mentioned in the same sentence as Microsoft ever again. I could say that Microsoft was just having a run of bad luck, but two product launches that simply suck? Come on. Perhaps I am a bit jaded. After all, who could be happy after the much-anticipated Windows 7 launch, only to have the thing blue screen dump on you during setup. Maybe it will grow on me like a fungus because I will have no choice but to like it since, like, Vista.

Now, where to begin with Vista? I am still waiting for my hand delivered apology and refund from Mr. Softie. I actually joked that the company should offer me a copy of Windows 7 for free, but not after my initial experience with it. My copy of Vista has had a critical update that it has been unable to download and fix for a year now, no matter how I try and load it. How about that for a FUBAR OS! This is the number one software company in the world I might add!!

Of course I could always choose an overpriced, under powered Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), but I don’t think I am that smug- yet. Actually, I plan on sticking with XP for as long as possible, I have a few copies so I am good. It is stable, I know it well and it freaking works, which is something Microsoft hasn’t developed since XP.

Yup, I am bitter, but did I mention it blue screened when I was setting it up?