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We should get some dip buying with the McClellan Oscillator this “short-term” oversold. But it would be temporary perhaps. The daily SPY chart near the top shows clearly previous dip buying during this last leg higher from July. So why should anything change?

Perhaps we should watch more closely the massive Treasury auction results this week which began today and end Thursday. A poorly received auction will have negative consequences on other markets certainly.

Earnings are just about over so investors can only follow ongoing economic data. The Four Horsemen continue to move in their own world but are much overbought. Many portfolio managers want to show them as long positions. Ever present at this time are tape painters wishing to prop prices into the monthly close. Pumping stocks to peg month-end values and fees is illegal but rarely prosecuted.

Let’s see what happens and you can follow our pithy comments on twitter.

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Source: Tuesday Outlook: Commodities, Global Markets