New Federal Reserve Chair

Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPY
by: John M. Mason

Larry Summers is out!

Credit inflation is in!

It is now obvious that the people that control Congress want a Federal Reserve Chair that will err on the side of monetary ease.

Tapering will occur but it will be "tapering lite".

The advice to investors...don't fight the Fed! Go with the flow!

As I have written many times and will write again in the future, excessive Fed actions create special investment opportunities.

Don't expect a major pickup in real economic growth. The problems in the economy are structural not cyclical.

Profits will be posted but given moderate economic growth they will not be robust.

Therefore, stock market performance will tend to be bubble-based. To discuss this point let's turn to the cyclically-adjusted price earnings measure…CAPE (see my recent post on CAPE and the profit/earnings picture). Remember, CAPE is still quite high and, as I have written before, if profits do not rise to bring the CAPE-measure lower, stock prices will need to fall. If CAPE remains around current levels it will be because of the excessive amount of credit in the economy and just argued...because of a strong economy and strong profits.

Be wary of bonds. The Federal Reserve will not be able to keep yields on longer-term bonds down.

And, it terms of the future of economic is Congress that is in control...not the President. But, what else is new!

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