Commercial Real Estate: Is the Fed About to Do Something Right?

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I admit to be as negative on the FED/Treasury/FDIC as is possible, but I think they deserve it. Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and it appears we have the makings of a good policy move in the works! Check it out:

Is Fed Abandoning Bailout Of Commercial Real Estate
In what could have been the biggest piece of news today, yet making little headway into the media, the Fed announced that it is adopting a policy statement supporting "prudent commercial real estate loan workouts." And even though in traditional Fed fashion, the statement says a lot but is even more vague, some of the implications from a more nuanced read have very serious adverse implications for commercial real estate.....
....If the Fed is unwilling to recreate QE for CRE, in the same way that it continues to bail out residential exposure, then look for a major double dip in the economy. The only wild card is why the Fed is letting this happen, although if the political backlash against just QE 1 is any indication, then it likely would not have been able to pass additional liquidity measures regardless.

This could be big.

I do not buy the political argument against a CRE backstop/bailout, they do what they want anyways. Perhaps they are actually hitting a wall with how much money they can guarantee.

Now this is preliminary, and who knows what happens when workouts and mods either do not work, or work but require massive bank liquidity infusions to cope, but at least in the early going, the FED may be trying not to replicate their residential adventure. Hat tip out to them!

Add to this it seems CIT (NYSE:CIT) will not last the weekend unless


funding can be found, and that is two in a row for government non action! GMAC was smart to move quick and get the FDIC involved on their side. See, I can be reasonable!